About Me

Kelly Eskelsen

Hi there! As I said on my home page, I am Kelly.
I am a wife, mom of four, Navy veteran, and photographer!
This is a pretty picture of me with my hair bushed, my makeup on, and no glasses. This is probably NOT how I will look on the day of our shoot. So, don't be scared if a crazy lady wearing glasses and a disheveled mom bun shows up. It's me. I promise.
Keep scrolling for fun facts about me, some glimpses of the real me, and reasons why I'm a great choice as your photographer!

Now this

This is the version of me you will probably meet on the day of our shoot.

But beyond being able to recognize me when we meet, I figured my lifelong love of photography and passion for documentation are implied, so I will spare you the novel I could write about all that! Instead, here are 10 fun facts about me:

1) I was in the Navy for 10 years! That's why I chose USNA portraits as one of my specialties. Go Navy!

2) I talk a lot. Like, A LOT. Apologies in advance.

3) My favorite smell is bleach. Listen - we aren't here to judge, okay?

4) I used to work on a scuba diving boat on Guam, Hafa Adai!

5) My middle name, Coetta, is Cherokee, as were my ancestors!

6) Purple things are my favorite. But also yellow things are my favorite. Teal things are my favorite too. I change my answer to rainbow. Rainbow is my favorite.

7) I have ADHD and I am convinced it is a super power. It's only a disorder when you are a little kid and people want you to sit still.

8) I'm an INFJ / bleeding heart/ squishy empath of a person. This means I am also a cryer. Everything makes me tear up! But everything also makes me laugh. I love to laugh!

9) Lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons was my first real job. I still miss it!

10) I've climbed Half Dome multiple times! Hiking and outdoorsy things make me so happy!

And This

Y'all this is what happens when you are a photographer and you ask someone to take a picture of you. I just thought it was important for everyone to see on my professional website because I want you to know who I am on the inside.

This is me.

Through and through.

Okay. Now it is time to be serious.

Why Choose Me?

Because I care.

I really, really care. A lot.

This, photography, really is my love of loves.

I spend all my time making pictures, planning to make more pictures, and buying stuff to make pictures in even more ways!

Then I look at pictures, put them in books and online albums, and write about them for my kids.

I'm obsessed with, enamored by, and utterly smitten with every aspect of photography.

I aim to make my clients feel as giddy as I feel when I see photos of my life and the people I love the most.

Business wise, I've worked really hard to keep a competitive price in my industry.

I've done this because photography is considered a "luxury" expense, but I don't believe it is! I think it is essential to document yourself and those you love as you cultivate a good life.

I want everyone to have a chance to do that, regardless of income level. That's why I keep my prices down.

That being said, I'm pretty good at this!

I like to keep my work timeless.

This means you won't see filters or effects that don't age well (These remind me of the mullet haircut! As time changes, trendy effects will date the photos).

Therefore, I am a very technical shooter and I don't over edit. I prefer the closest representation of real life as possible!

I also tend to keep the experience fun and put people at ease. I've never known a stranger and love to meet new people.

I can even help those most fearful of cameras feel at ease.

Finally, If you hate your photos, I will shoot again! Yes, for free!

My goal is your happiness!

And lastly,

Why not?

I surely hope I get a chance to work with you. There's a lot of really amazing photographers in the area, so thank you for even considering me!

If you're ready to get started, click the button below.